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There is no greater pain for a parent than a child tipping out of control.

Whether it is sinking academic performance or behavioral acting out, a struggling child needs quick and thorough intervention to help them get back on course.

SuccessPlans™ is an ideal intervention that helps parents gain immediate control when their child is struggling. The implementation of our time-tested philosophy is a proven strategy to determine if a child is able to make it without the need for intervention or placement away from home.

Through the implementation of a Success Plan, parents immediately increase consistency, create a predictable environment, and ensure appropriate motivation while also ensuring that they have strategies to respond to undesired behavior. Our around the clock professional support enables parents to confidently intervene with their child and measure their success.

The focus of SuccessPlans™ is to provide parents with tools and support. The parenting expertise and support provided by our team is not replicated by other professionals in the community. Our professionals are comfortable blending with an existing team of out-patient professionals. This includes: school counselors, therapists, psychiatrists or psychologists working with the child and family to help them get on the right path. Based on the needs of the family, we are comfortable in either the lead or support role with other professionals.

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