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There is no tougher job than being a parent.

Frequently, parents are left to figure out their best strategies alone. And most parents rely on the way they were parented as the model for their parenting style. But frequently these approaches are dated and our modern society makes the "old school" approach challenging at best.

A Success Plan is an ideal method to ensure that a child has the opportunity to achieve the goals their family values. Preventative parenting approaches are a hallmark of SuccessPlans™. Consistency, appropriate motivation, and effective family communication are proven to aid in children's success. By participating in a thorough process, parents are able to develop skills to ensure that they are consistent with their children and assist them in developing habits that lead to responsible and accountable behavior.

A child guided by the philosophy of a Success Plan is better prepared to tackle the challenges that they are destined to face in today's world. Children thrive when they are proactively prepared to deal with issues like peer pressure, impulsive decision making, temptations of drug and alcohol use, and stress accompanied by the need to achieve academically and socially. Parents are vital in ensuring that children grow up with skills to help them succeed.

Preventative approaches make a huge difference in the development of a child. While our work is primarily with individual families, our professional team frequently provides seminars on effective parenting in schools, churches, parent groups and civic organizations.

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