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Our philosophy is simple.

We believe that PARENTS are part of the solution when a child is struggling. SuccessPlans™ provides a dynamic parent coaching system that enhances a family's functioning at home.

Through a collaborative philosophy, our parent consultation system has supported hundreds of parents in need of modifying their parenting approach to meet the needs of their children.

Our Family Consultants work individually with parents to design and implement a plan for success. This home-based intervention increases the behavioral and academic performance of the child by increasing the effectiveness of the parenting approach.

The SuccessPlans™ system consists of:
  • Written Strategic Parenting Plan - facilitated by the professionals of SuccessPlans™ in conjunction with the child, parents, and involved professionals. The strategic parenting plans are reflective of the family's values and filled with time-tested strategies for the child's success.
  • Individual Parent Workshop Series - provided individually to clients nationwide- in person, via video conference, or by telephone. Workshops are based on practical parenting strategies. Our workshops are provided one-on-one between the Family Consultant and one family. They are not provided in groups.
  • Parent Coaching and Consultation - Family Consultants provide weekly consultation on the use of effective motivators and supportive strategies. Family Consultants are available, by phone, around the clock to support parents in implementing the strategic parenting plan.
  • Monitoring and Support - parents receive a minimum of three months of professional monitoring and problem-solving.
SuccessPlans™ is part of a team. We provide expertise to the family and coordination with other involved professionals. Our sound philosophy and the expertise that we provide is what makes SuccessPlans™ work.

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