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A smooth transition home after a treatment program or therapeutic school depends on the parents.

When a child has been away from home, it is absolutely necessary to create a transition/aftercare plan that ensures that your child transfers what they have learned. A family that has spent thousands of dollars and huge amounts of emotional energy in treatment programs to save a child, must be sure that the plan to return home is well thought out and executed to the fullest.

The need to get it right causes high levels of stress for parents. Frequently the child has changed, but the parenting approach and home environment has not. In treatment it is common for a child to have been stripped of many negative defense mechanisms that were used as skills for survival prior to their intervention. Therefore, the home environment, led by the parents, must be modified.

SuccessPlans™ specializes in assisting parents developing sound aftercare plans while providing a high level of transitional support. While it is impossible to replicate the structure of a therapeutic program at home; it is possible to increase consistency with clearly defined boundaries and expectations and also ensuring that proper motivation exists to prevent back sliding in to non-productive habits.

Through the philosophy and consultation of SuccessPlans™, parents are able to create a home environment that continues their child's progress at home. Our professionals coordinate the aftercare recommendations of the child's school or program and provide the family with case management to ensure that the transition is successful.

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